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12:00midnight I was surfing the net. Just surfing the net without a reason. Just to pass time. I was bored. You see I had just managed to bathe my 1 month old son, feed him and after much struggle, put him to sleep. 12:00 midnight and you would think that I would want to go to bed now, but the task robbed me of my drowsiness.
Business had been on my mind all day, with the xmas period taking everyones time, business had slowed down. I had been thinking on advertising, maybe even finding an opportunity to promote the business website. The only problem was that to get traffic you have to pay an arm and a leg these days, and to tell you the truth, I would rather get myself pay tv and faster internet. I know Im shallow in your eyes for saying that, but think about it… To get a starter package with a traditional traffic enhancing website they are charging around $49 per week! I dont know about you, but I think id rather keep that as cashflow than give it to some it guy in who knows where.
So I dared to do something rather silly. Google “free internet traffic” and bang!!! 126hits.com came up! I read what they had to offer and it was amazing!!! free internet traffic in return of surfing the net???!!! who could ever think that was even possible?! to do something considered as bludging and get your business some great exposure! man you gotta be crazy not to look at this!
2am now, been surfing the net for some time, loving 126hits.com, gotta tell my friends, I just told you.